Product Summary

This is a new generation quantum communication device that has evolved from the current mainstream Decoy state BB84. Two quanta are generated at the sender side, one is a true random number and the other is a carrier for C-band transmission. For the use of this model, a distance of 50km from Tokyo is assumed (Tokyo-Tsukuba, Tokyo-Yokosuka), and by using the entanglement exchange option and quantum repeater, which are sold separately (under development, to be expanded in the future), this model can be linked with the same models to achieve global long distance.

Key Features
  • World’s first* quantum cryptography communication device using quantum entanglement across dual bands
  • Dispersion compensation option is also available for 10km or more
  • Interlocking operation is possible with the entanglement exchange option (for distances over 100 km).
  • Adopts “quantum entanglement” with higher quantumness and confidentiality than Coherent source (Decoy state BB84)
  • With the associated software, the security of general-purpose mail software can be strengthened by keys created using random numbers.
  • Detection Rate Quantum Transmitter > 1,000,000 times/second
    Quantum Receiver > 10,000 times/second with 10 dB loss (after 50 km fiber)
  • Optical Fiber Required 1
  • Detection Rate 10 kb/s @ 10 dB loss
  • Key Delivery Distance (SM fiber with standard loss*) 50 km
  • Optical Fiber Required 1
  • Key Exchange Protocol BBM92 (released 8 years after BB84)
  • Detection Technologies
    • Unbalanced interferometer
    • IDQ’s low noise InGaAs detector
    • Time resolved detector
  • External Dimensions Standard 19 ”rack mount, 3U
    Depending on the stability, 4U can be selected
  • Quantum Information Carrier Entangled photon pairs
  • Quantum Entanglement Generation Mechanism Blue laser excited SPDC
  • Dispersion Compensation Recommended for 10 km or more
    Required for 50km and above

Use Examples

  • Personal information, accounts, passwords, and other information
  • Information on financial transactions, including remittances
  • Telemedicine-related medical record information
  • Defense-related information
  • Critical infrastructure-related information, such as nuclear power plants
  • Information related to the development of biotechnology and semiconductors
  • Communication between buildings in smart cities
  • Use in basic research as a quantum entanglement generator

LQUOM Technology

With the quantum repeater currently under development, we aim to extend the distance and realize the quantum Internet – an expansion of the current Internet.

① Quantum Repeater Development

By placing a quantum repeater in between points, it is possible to extend the communication distance.
(In the same way as 1:1 structure, like a telephone)

② Quantum Internet Construction

When there are more than two quantum repeaters, branching (=routing) becomes possible, as well as transmission over longer distances. Even without a complete quantum computer, as in this model, it is possible to form a network structure by connecting devices. This allows the advantages of the many quantum memories currently being devised to work together. In addition, this enables a combination of the performance of all the devices in distributed quantum computing as if they were a single quantum computer.

To realize such a quantum society, LQUOM is working on developing cutting-edge technologies

Long-distance quantum communication
leading quantum internet technology